Sunday, July 29, 2018

July 29

Well we are back in Krakow after a great day of finishing up our work in Poland. We started in worship where the kids and ourselves sang a couple songs. Alex, Brennah and Mari all did a great job of reading scripture. We said goodbye to Pastor and his wife after dinner and then headed to Auschwitz. It was quite an experience at the site. Kids took it all in and hopefully we will have some time tonight or in the future to really process the event. 

Our plane departs Krakow pretty early tomorrow morning, 6:40 am and then we have a 4 hour layover in Amsterdam and then an 11 hour flight into LAX arriving at 2:50 pm. Please pray for our flights tomorrow and a great reunion with our families. 

Saturday, July 28, 2018

July 28

With our English Camp over, we got the chance to sleep in which was nice.  Now I am sure we were all up by 7 am this morning but not having to get out of bed was really nice.  We had breakfast at 10 am for which we made french toast which was great.  We then spent the afternoon being tourists and doing some more sightseeing in both Poland and the Czech Republic.  We tried Kofola cola which is sweeter then Coke and pretty good.  Some of the group liked it and some didn't.  We also visited another forest church, ate more ice cream, visited a very large Lutheran church and had great dinner with Pastor Bogdan and our new Polish friends.  We look forward to worship tomorrow morning where we will join the kids from camp in singing two songs for the congregation.  Brennah, Mari and Alex will also be doing the readings for worship tomorrow.  We will then make the impactful journey to Auschwitz. Below are some pics from the day - Enjoy!!

Friday, July 27, 2018

July 27 - English Bible Camp Day 5

Well we took the kids to China today which was lots of fun. We made Chinese lanterns in crafts and learned how to be ninjas in Song and Dance time. (See KooKooKangaroo on YouTube). Our bible and English class focused on Jesus baptism which doesn’t really tie into China but that’s ok. We have had a great time getting to know the kids and the young adults who were our translators all week. They have been awesome!!!!
After camp we have had some much needed down time. We of course went and got ice cream and finally a picture in the town square here in Skoczow.  We watched a movie, took a couple naps and just relaxed. We will do a couple touristy things tomorrow and Sunday will be worship here in Skoczow and then touring Auschwitz. We are looking forward to coming home on Monday and sleeping in our own beds and I have a feeling eating some burgers at In-N-Out. Thanks for all your prayers and we look foward to sharing our stories and pics in person real soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

July 26 - English Bible Camp Day 4

Today was USA day so the group was a little excited to share our country with the kids. However we had a couple unplanned circumstances that affected our day. First the power went out in the building which made Breanna and Lauren’s day a little crazy since they rely on WiFi and projector for their lesson. Then around 10 am and again around 12 pm it rained to Adam and Brennah has to bring their outside Bible lesson inside. It all worked out just had to think a little quicker and improvise. 

This evening we went into Cieszyn which is a City right on the border of Poland and Czech Republic. We got across the border, had a nice walk with tour guide Marta and dinner was pizza in a cool tunnel looking basement. 

The group is all in good health and ready to give 100% tomorrow on our last day of camp. Blessings to all. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July 25 - English Bible Camp Day 3

Today we took the kids to Africa so all our activities had an African flare to them. We showed the beginning scene from Lion King in opening Alex and Mari did African masks in craft. Adam and Brennah did the story of the Exodus out of Egypt and across the Red Sea. Breanna and Lauren J taught the kids a little about the African continent and listened to music. Michael and Lauren worked some African animals and such into their English lesson. Today was our best day so far.

After camp we went to a new place for Lodi (ice cream) and it was fantastic. Little piece of heaven in Poland. Then they made us chicken nuggets and French fries for dinner. Little test of home which was good because tomorrow we are teaching the kids about the USA so everything is beaches themed. Bed time so see you in the morning. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

July 24 - English Bible Camp Day 2

Day 2 of Bible Camp has come and gone and I think it went a lot smoother today. The adjustments that the kids made to their lesson plans after Day 1 paid off today. It was fun to sit in the room and have the kids share their successes after camp today. Going for ice cream after Camp has kind of become a think so that was another fun part of the day. Tonight for dinner we had a camp out and cooked sausages and played some water games (Brennah got soaked) and then did some singing. They taught us some songs in Polish and we taught them some songs in English. Hope all Is well back home. I know we are a lot cooler here then there. 

July 29

Well we are back in Krakow after a great day of finishing up our work in Poland. We started in worship where the kids and ourselves sang a c...